Strengths and Weaknesses

My School Experience

Throughout my schooling experience, I was never the type of kid to consistently do my homework. Even early on, there were simply other things that interested me. When I was in the fifth grade, I very much enjoyed drawing. It was something I'd do on my own time just for fun. I loved taking a ruler and drawing blueprints of a plane. I remember looking at an anatomy drawing book my dad owned, and replicating a person's face from the side. I remember making collages, and I remember for a very period of my life taking a pen and drawing arbitrary lines until they looked cool.

As I grew older, I began spending more time at the computer. Aside from Competitive Swimming, I spent a lot of time playing Counter Strike, Quake, Oblivion. Then I stopped Swimming, and my interests continued changing, although not always for the better. I got really good at Counter Strike for a brief period of my life. I guess looking back what I can say is when I got into something, I really got into it.

In High School I did the International Baccalaureate Programme. It's an international curriculum, but basically I had a lot of academic courses. I didn't always do the homework. Many times I didn't. I wouldn't say I was always lazy. Many times my mind just really did not want to be there, or was focused on things it wasn't supposed to be focused on. It was near the middle of high school that I began rooting my Android phone. I remember really wanting to do it. Like really really wanting to have a new ROM installed, and with the particular phone that I had, there was a night where I stayed up the whole time trying to get it working again. I never took any Programming courses in High School, perhaps mostly because it was not possible due to the IB programme, but my best friend told me that he sees me get excited over computers. I began playing around with Linux, and I remember doing that in class. I think that's when my interests were changing in a good direction.

The point I'm making is I had trouble focusing in school. Perhaps my willpower was in another place. But although I was distracted, there were some things that I was interested in and would work extremely hard for.

How I see myself now

My first year of University was an extremely important year for me. I got into Programming, and I spent a lot of time doing it. I learned a lot in one year and I had a lot of fun learning what I did. I also learned that I cannot neglect other subjects for programming. But I could only seriously work hard in other subjects once I knew that it's all part of what I'm working towards: Programming, something I love and care about.

And what I want some readers to recognize, especially if you've had trouble motivating yourself with school. Or perhaps you were labeled ADHD or ADD, try to look for that something you love and truly care about. I promise you that within your traits there lies a passion that's waiting to be discovered. It's all part of your relationship with yourself to grow and find it. And then I would say, be crazy about it, and you won't have any problems in life. As long as it's a good passion!